Of the 25,000 genes in our human genome, only .1% of them vary from person to person. Surprisingly, the genes that vary the most between people do not dictate our physical appearance. They instead shape our health and our relationships. At TEDxYouth@Manchester, Dan Davis, author of The Compatibility Gene: How Our Bodies Fight Disease, Attract Others, and Define Our Selves, shares the story of this unique set of genes.



You’re writing your cover or query letter, and it’s time to add your bio. But what information do you include and what should you leave out? Whether you’re a professional writer or just starting out, deciding how to describe yourself and your publication credits (or lack thereof) can be a challenge. By answering these three important questions, you can be sure to write a bio that literary agents and editors will find professional and interesting.


In this box I have been set,
Against my will, thrashing at the glass panes
Forced to view something once beautiful.
Something that once could have felled all men of all nations.
Something that sucks the poison from the mouths of men, and turns this poison into an alluring miasma.

This beauty no longer resembles what I once knew.
The image is now muted and distorted, as if looking through a broken kaleidoscope.
The lines of this glass pane are outlined with a wire,
A wire black as coal, but with sparks of embers red hot and nearly electrifying.
When touched, it burns my fingers like the wax wings of Icarus.
Leaving upon my fingers and palms a reminder that the sun in which I wished to fly to, now holds me in this box.
Keeps me here in turmoil, she does,
In my mind slowly painting vivid pictures of freedom and escape,
But these paintings are merely gestures, in the harsh realities of this box.

I yearn to grasp upon these burning wires and shatter this glass television of things that could have been.

I reach out and clasp hands upon the wires and punch the glass with a Fervor known only by boxers on meth.

Though my fists now resemble bloodied meat, I have broken the glass.
The image though, distorted it remained.
The box has killed the beauty in which I once basked, and though the physical panes have been shattered
The box upon my mind is now closed and grotesque.

Skyrim Rap

My dreams they rack my weary mind
They pry deep, through each gear they grind
Daggers of glass and the fat of trolls
I’m just gonna stroll around and collect all the Dragon Souls.

Time to forget about real life,
Now it’s time to become the Thane of Riften
And make Lydia my wife,
At least until I venture off again

Here’s more again.

Slashing and burning
With swords and magic
I swear, the end that you’ll meet,
Is definitely quite tragic.
My dragon shouts rip through the air
Causing your body to turn spastic,
It’s fantastic,
The way I blast it,
My dovahkiin spit?
I’ve mastered it.

You low life adventurers are nothing but pussies
Level one fireballs ain’t doing shit to me
I’ll stick my sword in your throat,
Watch the blood squirt, see?

You can’t even break a soul gem
You’re no better than the rest of them

And when I say the rest of them, I mean the players.
And the way you play couldn’t be much gayer.
All ADD with a nose full of Yayo.
Man fuck that,
Just give me a sandwich with Mayo
And I’ll go explore some caves, yo!

And even if Alduin got you down
Don’t worry, if you can take my advice
It’s not that hard to topple the crown,
To bring the evil dragon down
Under your power, that motherfucker better drown.

Clip that dragons wings
Making sure his voice can no longer sing
Zing, zip, zap
My lightning bolt hits it’s face with a pap.

He lets out a loud roar
But now I know it’s time to settle my score
So I jump up to his face
Swing my mace
Clip the side of his eye
There’s no chase
My mace leaves no trace

This Dragons skin is more like metal
Just trying to whittle down his health is starting to make me mental.
I clench my teeth together roughly, dental.

Imprints of dragons claws line my shield
As we pace back and forth in this burnt empty field

And though this dragons got fire
I got frost
And to slay dragons is my desire.
I can’t be stopped.